The Story Behind “For Elizabeth”

Picture of Elizabeth CrawfordOne of the most difficult things I have ever written was my sister’s obituary. A very close second is FOR ELIZABETH, a film to honor her life and memory.

Since her passing on November 14th, 2016, I was struggling to come up with a story that I could write and film to honor Elizabeth. Then, in March of 2017 it came to me – I stayed up writing until 4:30 in the morning, slept for a couple of hours, then got up and spent several more hours working on it. A few hours later I was reworking and fine-tuning it again. This cycle continued for two days, working four or five hours at a time, sleep a couple of hours, then write some more until I  finished the story. Writing it consumed me.

I’m not ready to tell Elizabeth’s story in a documentary-style film. The thought of sitting on a film set and watching an actress “become” my sister terrifies me. FOR ELIZABETH is not about her per se, but a story that captures the essence of her spirit and what made Elizabeth so special – her unconditional love, her unwavering strength, and her never-give-up attitude despite how many times cancer reared its ugly head.
When I finished the screenplay I sent it to a handful of people for their insight and guidance to help me make it the best story possible. Anything less would not do her justice. It has to be perfect.

Two of the first three people who read it told me they were brought to tears. One of them, a producer and filmmaker, wrote back and said: “I wouldn’t change ANYTHING about it. It’s exactly where it needs to be. Adding anything would make it cluttered; cutting anything is unnecessary. This is excellent writing, my friend!” He went on to say, “It’s VERY moving, without being melodramatic or sappy.

The rest of the feedback I received so far followed suit. Suffice it to say, FOR ELIZABETH is done. Well… the writing is finished, now it’s time for the actual movie-making part – finding and securing locations, putting together a crew, auditioning actors, breakingdown the script, creating shot lists, and raising the money needed to film it.

I created a FOR ELIZABETH Facebook page  to post updates and of course, everyone who signs up to my Mailing List will be the first to hear about auditions for roles in this film as well as being the first to preview the finished film before it is publicly released.Picture of Elizabeth Crawford