The set of Get Adler commercial shoot

Get Adler

I had the great pleasure of being tasked with shooting a commercial for the award-winning board game, Get Adler!

The game’s creator, Randall Thompson, was looking to put together a quick commercial for the Christmas season and he wanted it shot in Cape Breton. The problem was he couldn’t be on set for the filming, but he got the ball rolling by writing a script (taken from a scene in one of the Get Adler short stories that he penned) and he hired his friend Shannon MacDonald to play the role of Agent Gold. The rest was up to the videographer to capture the scene from the story – but he didn’t have anyone to shoot it and put a call out to anyone with a video camera who was willing to shoot the commercial.

Shannon recommended that he contact me – she knew my work from my film, THE BATTLE WITHIN, where she played a small role as the nurse in my film.  Introductions were made, I read his script, and agreed to do the project.

I immediately contacted my good friend and fellow filmmaker, Michael G. MacDonald to voice the role of Inspector Sharpe, then I got in touch with Chad Bryden, who starred in my upcoming film, WINTER’S HUNT, to narrate the commercial. With those pieces set in play, my girlfriend and I began the long process of converting my living-room to look like Agent Gold’s office.

The set of Get Adler commercial shoot
The Get Adler set designed by Kenn Crawford and Margie Marr

With me directing from behind the camera, Margie Marr running the set as my 1st AD (First Assistant Director) and Michael, Chad and my good friend Andrew Parland running the microphone boom and recorder, we shot the commercial. As they headed home for the evening I settled in for an all-nighter editing the footage so I could send Randy a finished commercial. At 5 a.m. I had a commercial I was happy with and uploaded a private viewing for Randy.

A few hours sleep later I was re-editing the footage to Randy’s specifications and we publicly released this commercial:
In another post I will share my original Director’s Cut but in the meantime, here’s some more information on the award-winning GET ADLER! game…

Image of the Get Adler gameLondon, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. The only clue is an intercepted message between rogue MI6 agent and his contact: “Trafalgar at seven.” Hot on his trail are MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard, and Constable Townsend. They have seven hours to find Adler and retrieve the missing documents.

Here’s a review by gameboygeek of the GET ADLER! game:
GET ADLER! makes a great stocking-stuffer and is fun for the whole family. Visit Caper Games to order it online or for more information on retailers carrying the GET ADLER! game.