Say Hello to Jack Raven

What do you get when you cross a hard-nose detective, a sweet little girl, and demonic possession?

A Jack Raven Mystery
Casefile # 0327-17: Lucy Perkins

picture of Elliot HayotOn Sunday, March 26th, Elliott Hayot from Belgium contacted me about making short films. Elliott is a Public Relations student and he’ll be taking the selection tests to be an Air Traffic Controller; he also studied filmmaking in high school. He had a short story he wrote that he thought would make an interesting film. He asked if I would take a look at it and possibly consider shooting it some day.

I receive a few requests like that through email and on Facebook, and I’m always willing to help when I can, but his story, The Man with the Hat, really drew me in and I immediately saw its potential as a film.

We chatted for a bit to make sure we were both on the same page and then I went back to planning an upcoming film shoot, but Elliott’s story was stuck in my head and nagging at me to do something with it now… right now.

So I did.

Several hours later the first draft was finished, but the characters took me in a very different direction than what I had originally planned.  Great characters often take on a life of their own. The following day, with the help of my girlfriend to proofread and offer some insight, I worked and reworked it until I had what I thought was a solid draft.

Twenty-seven hours and one minute since Elliott first contacted me, A Jack Raven Mystery was sent back to him to make sure he liked and approved the screenplay.

He did.

It is now sitting in pre-production mode where the 1st AD and I will breakdown the script and figure out exactly what and who we will need to shoot it. Right now we are looking at late spring or early summer before we start rolling cameras. In the meantime, here’s a quick list of some of the speaking and non-speaking roles we will be auditioning for as well as needing some behind-the-scenes personnel such as hair & makeup, sound, lights, and production assistants.

  • Jack Raven – detective
  • Lucy Perkins – little girl
  • Gloria Shannon – detective
  • George Perkins – Lucy’s father
  • “Doc” – the coroner
  • Father Charles Raven – priest
  • Child Services worker
  • Mrs. Smith – the nanny
  • Background actors such as police, ambulance personnel, etc.

Please note that at this time these are non-paying roles. but depending on what type of funding we can get this may change, but until further notice it is on a volunteer only basis. We are not casting roles at this time – but when we do hold auditions, members of The Filmmaking Datatbase will be the first to be notified about auditions. If the roles are not filled through the database then we will hold an open casting call. If you’re not in the database please CLICK HERE and add your email address.

About the Author:photo of Author, and Filmmaker Kenn Crawford

Kenn Crawford is an author and filmmaker from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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