Open Auditions for the Amygdala webseries

July 1st Update: All the time slots for the auditions have been filled. The auditions for the role of the young girl will be held in a few days.

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Three people wash ashore. Two of them have no memory of who they are… the third one is dead. Hunted by military, the two survivors must fight for their lives and sanity – never knowing if they can trust anyone… or each other.

Photo of Kenn CrawfordAmygdala is an action-mystery series with a post-apocalyptic feel, written by Kenn Crawford (Dead Hunt, The Final Goodbye) and starring Darren Andrea (Outcast, La Femme Nikita, RoboCop) with Carl Jessome, Clint Corbett and Colin Barrie.

Saturday, July 2nd, we are holding Auditions for the Female Lead, as well as other main characters, cameo appearances and background extras.

If you would like to audition, please read the descriptions below and reply to this email with the character you would like to audition for. Please remember that this is a low-budget project operating on a volunteer basis so previous experience is not required, but a passion for filmmaking and the desire to give it your very best is a must.
Filming will begin as soon as all the roles are filled and will take place on the weekends throughout the summer, but primarily on Saturdays so your must be available during the day and early evenings.

Roles that are available

Jane  – Lead Role – Female. Approx. 20-30 years old.

This character requires you to be physically fit. Jane is trained in hand-to-hand combat but previous martial arts experience is not required, our fight choreographer will instruct you for the fight scenes.

Little Girl – Age 10-14 years old

This will be a re-occurring role with the potential of being a regular cast member.
She is a mute, so her acting will be done mainly through her facial expressions and body language.

Sarg. Derrick – Main Character – Male. Age: 30+

Sarg. Derrick heads up the military force that is hunting the main characters. He is a no-nonsense type of guy who follows orders and gets the job done, whatever the cost.

Private #1 – Re-Occurring Role – Male. Age 20+

The Private is a bit skittish and not the bravest soldier.

Private #2 – Re-Occurring Role – Male or Female. 20+ years old

This character is a bit of a jokester and not easily intimated by danger.

Cameo Roles

The series will have several cameo roles such as:
Andrew and his wife Barbara are farmers who befriend the heroes. They could be in the 30-60 year old range.

There are two “rednecks” who cause a bit of trouble. Both are males, one is in his late thirties, the other could be aged 20 or older.


There are 4 roles available for military men and women. These are non-speaking roles, but they are in a fair amount of scenes. Could possibly lead to a speaking role in future episodes.

Want to Audition?

Auditions will be held in Sydney, Nova Scotia between 11am – 2pm
If you wish to audition please send us an email with the name of the character that interests you and we will contact you with more information and a sample of the dialog you will be using to audition.
If you are not on our mailing list and reading this on our website, please send an email to:



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