The Final Goodbye

Filled with darkness and sorrow, a war vet visits his mother’s grave to say one final goodbye.

This is my first short film and it stars Steve Osmond and Cheyenne Amero, with Cathy DeCoste, Jayce DeCoste and Aleah McPhee.

Our small crew consisted of:

  • Kenn Crawford, Director
  • Brett Holmes, DP (Director of Photography)
  • Michael MacDonald, camera
  • Richard Dean, camera
  • Aleah McPhee, hair & makeup
  • Lyn Day, wardrobe

Of course we all pulled double and triple duty doing whatever needed to be done. Whoever didn’t have a camera in their hands slated some shots, Aleah took some behind-the-scenes photo, whoever was closest to the H4N audio recorder hit the record button – just your typical low-budget shoot.

We had a lot of fun but it wasn’t without its troubles – we were rained out and then snowed out on the first day of shooting – ahh, the joys of springtime in Cape Breton. The following two attempts were rained out as well. We finally managed to get it filmed but the bright sunny day did not suit the dark and dismal feel the story required.

We regrouped and shot the outdoor scenes the following weekend and the overcast skies gave us the perfect look we were going for… right up until it started to rain. Steve and I shot the opening scenes by ourselves the following weekend.

The short film has few glitches but it turned out pretty cool. It was a lot of fun to shoot and most importantly, a great learning experience.

The technical stuff:

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